Hello, I'm


- Photography is my passion and camera is my painting brush -


Warsaw – the city worthy of respect! Brave, proud, strong, indestructible… Phoenix City!


Once upon a time, I suddenly got fed up with taking “normal” photos – abstractions preoccupied my mind! A friend of mine characterized them as “LSD-photos”.

Day After Tomorrow

An enormous asteroid impact, a horrible earthquake, a worldwide flood, a catastrophic solar storm, a sudden explosion of the Sun…


Water is a miracle! In every split second, it is different. Never the same. Always different! Unrepeatable! Unique!

water reflection


People – the most variable unknown in the equation called Life, the biggest cause of our happiness or unhappiness, the inexhaustible source of inspiration.


Strolling around the city, its “urb” and suburb,

it`s “ground” and underground,

looking for interesting textures …


Less is more.

Manje je više.

Mniej znaczy więcej.